Hi, I am Fergie 

I come from rationality and creativity, impulses and controls, arts and science, humanity and technology... I come from a balanced upbringing. 

As a professional, I help businesses transform themselves by designing business models, products & services, and upskilling employees. 

I lead a digital nomad lifestyle. I travel around the world and work remotely to create value.

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Me in 10 secs

I am a digital nomad, born and raised in China. I have a home in Chicago, and I work in the sweet spot of tech and consulting. 

I’ve been an innovation consultant, a venture designer, a product strategist, a UX designer, and a writer. I dedicated my time to helping the world adapt a human-centered way to innovate. I founded Design4Venture.com to focus on just that.

I am an ENTP. I live to invent.

You can find me on